Light Bulbs In Microwave

Light bulbs in microwave. Ge convection oven microwave. Microwave bean bags.

Light Bulbs In Microwave

light bulbs in microwave

    light bulbs

  • (light bulb) electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament (usually tungsten) that emits light when heated by electricity
  • (Light bulb) The incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is a source of electric light that works by incandescence (a general term for heat-driven light emissions, which includes the simple case of black body radiation).
  • A glass bulb inserted into a lamp or a socket in a ceiling, that provides light by passing an electric current through a pocket of inert gas
  • A lamp is a replaceable component such as an incandescent light bulb, which is designed to produce light from electricity. These components usually have a base of ceramic, metal, glass or plastic, which makes an electrical connection in the socket of a light fixture.


  • a short electromagnetic wave (longer than infrared but shorter than radio waves); used for radar and microwave ovens and for transmitting telephone, facsimile, video and data
  • kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it; heat results from the absorption of energy by the water molecules in the food
  • An electromagnetic wave with a wavelength in the range 0.001–0.3 m, shorter than that of a normal radio wave but longer than those of infrared radiation. Microwaves are used in radar, in communications, and for heating in <em>microwave</em> ovens and in various industrial processes
  • cook or heat in a microwave oven; "You can microwave the leftovers"

light bulbs in microwave – Feit Electric

Feit Electric BPQ35/8.6 35-Watt T4 JCD Halogen Bulb with Bi-Pin Base, Clear
Feit Electric BPQ35/8.6 35-Watt T4 JCD Halogen Bulb with Bi-Pin Base, Clear
Feit Elictric BPQ35/8.6 35 Watt Halogen Clear G9 Base 120 Volt BulbEvery light bulb that we manufacture is produced to the highest specifications in the industry. Fully equipped testing laboratories at the factory and distribution centers assure consistent quality. Every lamp is tested after production and before packaging.Feit Elictric BPQ35/8.6 35 Watt Halogen Clear G9 Base 120 Volt Bulb Features:; Compact-dimmable halogen desk lamp bulbs; Average life: 2000 hours; 2 bin base; One bulb per card; Base / Length: GY8.6/1-8/10″; Bulb Shape T4; CLEAR Bulb Finish; 35 watts; 120 volts; Clear; Carded

Microwave Fires

Microwave Fires
Well, there are loads of sites on the internet about putting particular objects in microwaves – but they use the kitchen microwave indoors, and that is an extreme limitation. You want fire, smoke, blowing fuses, leaking microwaves, explosions and so on.

So, an old microwave, not much wrong with it. We wanted a big space, so that it wouldn’t damage anything. A long extension lead sorted that out fairly easily.

So, the usual objects – CDs, stacks of CDs, lightbulbs. All pretty normal response.

We wanted to see if the microwave worked if the door was open so I bypassed the door interlocks, and tested it. It doesn’t heat anything inside when you do this, or anything outside. I would imagine it could still cause problems to a human body.

Next up, eggs. They blow the door open pretty well.

We tried a tin of carrots as well. I predicted that the metal would shield the contents and it wouldn’t heat up much, if at all. 20 minutes later, and we were proved right.

Then plastic bottles of water. We tried different amounts of water, different cap designs, different plastics. Nearly all violently blew the door open in a huge cloud of steam.

Certain things went on fire, and this made the thermal cut-outs trip, so I bypassed them, as well as the control panel so the magnetron was on 100% all of the time.

A trip round to a skip full of used light bulbs gave us flood lamps, sodium bulbs, fluorescent tubes and so on. They all did interesting things, but the sodium lamps were probably the most interesting.

It was still working fine after 4 hours of abuse (including having small fires put out using a watering can), so we started really getting it burning. The entire inside was full of fire, and it kept on going. We decided to up-end it so that the flames went through the electronics. Eventually, something melted, stopping the magnetron working and then the fire went out. After some serious dousing, it was chucked in the skip.

Bender Detail ~ 1 of 3 photos (this is NOT my work)

Bender Detail ~ 1 of 3 photos (this is NOT my work)
Seen at the 2009 Trash To Treasure IX show :

"Bender" by Alex Brisenop
materials used:
plastic, paint, light bulbs, safety goggles, cardboard

I think this is well done and clever. I have stood by Alex’s robot for a while, trying to imagine exacyly what what was recycled to make Bender. Microwave plastic dishes, drink cups, bleach bottles, and one of the big water jugs? Plastic cereal bowls, and paper towel rolls, and little plastic screw on caps, and the glass light bulbs for eyes…wow…this one makes me smile.

Show is up until July 31, 2009 in Hammond, Indiana.

light bulbs in microwave